Panhandle Pride is host to a variety organizations and businesses eager to show their support for our community. They include community nonprofits, healthcare providers, supportive faith institutions, small and large businesses, and a wide variety of food vendors.

Please complete and submit your applications early to ensure the lowest rates and highest visibility.

2020 Booth Prices

Before 04/0104/01 – 05/31After 05/31
Single$40 $45$50
Single + Print, Social Media, & Online Promotion$150 – Glimmer Sponsor $150 $150
Double + Print, Social Media, & Online Promotion$250 – Sparkle Sponsor $250 $250
1-5 Spaces + Print, Social Media, & Online Promotion$500 – Rainbow Sponsor $500 $500
Food Truck $100 $100 $125
For more options, consider becoming a valued Sponsor! Sponsorships

Vendors selling food are required to register with the City of Amarillo Environmental Health Department

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